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3 dangers that come with Prophet Owuor's rallies

David Rakewa
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Prophet Owuor at a past rally [Source/]

Prophet David Owuor's rallies are arguably the most crowded rallies in Kenya considering the huge following he has from his Ministry of Repentance and Holiness church. 

Although people attend these rallies to hear the word of God and receive healing, the rallies come with their several risks. 

Here are three dangers involved:

1. Stampede

Prophet Owuor receives huge crowds any time he holds a rally. With that kind of crowd, a stampede can easily occur.

Due to this, every attendant should always stay alert especially when having children.

2. Many hours standing could cause fainting

There are a group of people who cannot stand for long or else they faint. 

Being that there are usually not enough seats during these rallies, every single person attending these rallies who are prone to fainting should arrive early to secure seats. 

Fainting in such places could cause death as there is little oxygen available. 

3. Risk of losing children

This is the most common problem Prophet Owuor's rallies come with. Every parent attending the event with children should ensure they are safe especially when the crowd is dispersing.



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