Kisumu Woman Representative Rosa Buyu has addressed reports of an ongoing feud between her and her predecessor Rose Nyamunga.

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Speaking on Monday, Buyu said that some bad blood indeed exists between them, adding that she would rather remain silent on the matter.

She claimed Nyamunga, a nominated senator, has been sponsoring newspaper headlines and social media stories against her in a bid to settle the score after she beat her in the 2017 elections.

She called upon the senator to accept the will of the people and stop the fights, noting that they can meet on the ballot to prove who is the better politician come 2022.

"I respect nominated leaders, including her, though she had been the one sponsoring information on the dailies and social media against me. I beat her twice in 2017 so why not wait for 2022?" asked Buyu.

The parliamentarian was speaking on Radio Nam Lolwe on Monday morning.

Buyu who beat Nyamunga in both the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) primaries and the main polls said that she will not be dragged into the catfight her rival is seeking, adding that public altercations are not her thing.

The county MP said that she will not be seen at any point fighting Nyamunga, basing the same on her experience.

"I cannot fight her and I will not engage her during public functions. I have been in leadership for over 20 years, my experience can't allow me to engage in such," he added.