Political analyst Dennis Anyonka has said that opposition leader Raila Odinga might not take another stab at the presidency in 2022 if his current indifference is anything to go by.

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Raila has been very silent on his 2022 plans and has been giving an image of an uninterested man. Instead, he has been calling upon politicians to quit politicking and concentrate on service to Kenyans.

The commentator now says that this could be a demonstration that the former Premier has no presidential plans, especially at a time when his rivals like Deputy President William Ruto are already up and about.

"Huenda Raila hana interest ya siasa za 2022 na siasa za humu nchini kwa ujumla, kwani wenzake kama Ruto tayari wanaonekana wanajipanga.

(This could be a demonstration that he is no longer interested in both the local and 2022 politics, considering that his rivals are already preparing yet he is silent)," he said.

The commentator was speaking on Bunge La Maisha on Radio Maisha, Tuesday morning.

He observed that judging by Raila's political experience, he is well aware that presidential candidature needs a lot of preparation, and would be showing signs as early as now if he were interested.

"Raila ni mwanasiasa mkomavu, angekuwa anataka kuwania kiti hicho tayari angekuwa anajiweka katika msitari was mbele (he is an experienced politician, if he wanted the seat, he would already be showing his interest)," he added.

Instead, Raila has been seen to concentrate more on his new role as the African Union Infrastructure Envoy, saying that 2022 is still years ahead.