The Elderly in Elburgon area of Molo constituency have renewed calls to security agencies in the region to step up the campaign against illicit brews and homicide to help salvage families and a diminishing generation.

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Voicing scepticism at the worrying lethargy among police and administration officers, the senior citizens say blatant inaction against the brews is helping to render families dysfunctional and stunting economic growth of the area.

Speaking while marking his 90th birthday at Arimi Village in Elburgon, Peter Wang'ang'a the oldest man in the region wants the campaign sustained with a measure of sincerity and responsibility by holding to account officers in whose jurisdictions illicit brews will be found.

Wang'ang'a also wants members of the public to cooperate with security organs to exterminate the destructive brews by volunteering information that would lead to arrest and prosecution of brewers or distributors.

“The war on illicit brew cannot be won by police alone, we need to join hands with the security agents,” he said.

He further expressed concerns at the cases of homicides that have hit a record high in recent months saying such a heinous move is increasingly fraying relationships and run counter to the law and will of God.

The elderly businessman advised any aggrieved parties locked in a dispute to seek redress by legal means or arbitration as a way instead of resorting to murder which he says is objectionable. 

Similar sentiments were echoed by an octogenarian Miriam Wangui who called for concerted efforts from members of the public, the clergy, mental health practitioners, authorities in central government and devolved units in finding a lasting solution to illicit brews and homicide which she says have become particularly poignant to residents.