As the Swahili saying says 'mwacha mila ni mtumwa'  (never let go your culture or you will be a slave to other cultures), the Kalenjin community still hold on and respects its culture.

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Culture does direct most of the activities in the community ranging from grieve to happiness.

The community also believes that a man is always first in command and decision maker in his family and also at the community level at large, therefore, there are some the things women are not allowed to do in the community.

Here are some things a Kalenjin woman cannot do or participate in;

Going or looking after initiated men in the bush

The community believes that a man plays as a role model to his sons while the woman does the same to her daughters, therefore women in the Kalenjin community will never see their sons who are circumcised until the period is over.

Disciplining their husbands

Women are never allowed to beat their husbands even if they are not in a position to defend themselves, for example being so drunk. It will be more of setting a curse for the coming generation. Men are the heads and the community holds that they never should they be abused by a woman no matter the situation.

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