A woman may wear a smile on her face but deep inside she is totally scared.

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When women engage themselves in a new relationship, there are things that most of them get scared to even though they like keeping them as a secret.

Even though it is hard to note their fears, it is up for the man to prove himself to be better.

Here are some of the fears that most women secretly get terrified to.

1. Her new man is like her Ex

Being thoughtful on whether the new guy will end up hurting you like your previous guy is normal.

Women get terrified moving into a new relationship not knowing whether the new man will be just like her ex.

Even though it’s unfair judging the new man in comparison with your ex, the idea will always be there.

2. Saying “I love you” and the relationship not working out

Pronouncing the words “I love you” can be easy but for women who are not sure about the outcome is not easy.

This is because most of them get terrified terming the phrase and then get a negative reply from the guy.

3. Being cheated on

Nobody in a relationship would really wish his or her partner cheat in their relationship.

Since there is always no guarantee on whether the man would never cheat, these end up terrifying the women.