Prophet David Owuor has of late caused controversies over the kind of life he is living and how he is carrying himself.

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In the series of his rallies in Kenya, with Nakuru being the leading hub for his rallies, his motorcade has become a subject of concern due to the flashy lifestyle portrayed.

In his latest visit to Nakuru, the prophet was escorted by an eye-catching 40-vehicle motorcade with luxurious cars like Range Rovers and Mercedes Benz as well as a high-level security by nine police cars.

When he ended the Nakuru rally, the man of God took a chopper as he told the faithful that 'the President of the Republic of Kenya has sent me a helicopter'.

This kind of lifestyle has exposed him to critics who doubt his legitimacy as a prophet of the Lord. The Bible depicts prophets as people who led simple and humble lifestyles.

Prophets like Jeremiah and Amos in the Bible lived a life full of suffering even though they were the most closest people to God. 

Things have also been made worse by claims that certain people are paid to fake miracles.

All these things have been tainting the image of Dr David Owuor as a prophet of the Lord.