The newest Kikuyu television station, Mt Kenya TV, launched on Monday at a city hotel amid pomp and colour after keeping its audience waiting with bated breath for quite some time.

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The TV station owned by businessman Andrew Ngirichi who is the husband to Kirinyaga Woman Representative Purity Ngirichi, has been promising through promos that have been running on the station to revolutionise Kikuyu TV broadcasting that is currently dominated by Inooro, Kameme and Njata TVs.

And to make good its threat, the new station had poached several reporters and news presenters from its established rivals after they were reportedly promised huge perks.

However, the TV station may have an uphill task gaining a niche in the competitive Kikuyu television market if its entry strategy is anything to go by.

When you keenly look at the station's programming, you will realise that there is nothing new that it has brought into the market. 

The hyped revolution it has been promising was just hot air! In fact, most of its programming is nothing but a copy-paste of what is already in the market.

Also, the station's news programming is a major flop for a station that had promised captivating stories told from an angle never witnessed in Kenya before. For instance, its lunchtime news (Miarahuko) on Tuesday were engulfed by many technical issues that included lack of sound, scroll-bar among others.

In short, unless the TV station adopts a vigorous programming that involves investing in quality content, it will only remain a shadow of its pioneering rivals. That is the brutal reality. Take it or leave it, because as we say, time will prove!