Breakfast is considered an important meal of the day. Nutritionists argue that for one to have a productive day, he or she must not skip breakfast. However, many people skip breakfast due to various reasons such as watching weight and maybe a tight schedule.

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It is important to note that skipping breakfast has negative on your general health. Here are some of the negative effects

Weight gain.

Skipping breakfast means you are running on an empty stomach. In the end, you crave for sugary and junk foods. While you might be able to ignore your hunger it will kick in eventually. With time, hunger pangs gets intense. The higher your hunger levels, the more food you will consume. This will create a perfect playground for weight gain.

A woman who has gained weight.[photo/]

Heart condition.

Failure to take breakfast has been linked to different heart diseases. When you don't properly feed your body, you are at an increased risk of hypertension, clogged arteries, and chronic cardiovascular disease. You can even be subject to a higher risk of stroke. The perfect way to stay at bay from this conditions, it is advisable to have a healthy breakfast.

Diabetes risk

There is a strong relationship between eating habits and your general health. Ignoring breakfast sets up your body for type-2 diabetes. Morning meals help to regulate blood sugar in a healthy way.