A middle aged man who was arrested on Sunday in Nyamokenye 1 village, Mokwerero location in Sameta, Kisii County for allegedly growing bhang at his farm shocked a court when he pleaded guilty. 

Vincent Nyambane on Monday was arraigned at Ogembo law courts. 

He appeared before Resident Magistrate Gloria Barasa. 

Nyambane admitted that he has been growing bhang at his farm for the last two years.

He appealed for the court to pardon him claiming that he won't repeat the same mistake.

The suspect also confessed that he has been selling bhang to secondary and college students. 

Magistrate Barasa ordered the suspect to be released after paying a fine of Sh3,000 failure to which he will serve in prison for three weeks. 

The magistrate said local administrators will closely monitor the suspect so that he doesn't repeat growing bhang. 

On Sunday, area Chief Charles Nyantabiga nabbed the suspect after a tip off from members of the public. 

Mr Nyantabiga said the war on illicit businesses will continue because several youths have been rendered useless due to the use of illegal drugs such as bhang and alcohol consumption.