Outsiders call them Luos, others call them Jaluos, but though they indeed are both, the name hardly features in their conversations.

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Members of this great community refer to each other as 'Nyikwa Ramogi Ajwang' which translates to 'grandchildren of Ramogi Ajwang'.

Ramogi Ajwang' is said to have been the first Luo man to set foot in Luo Nyanza from Uganda and settled in Uyoma, modern-day Siaya county.

According to Luo 'King', or the Chair of the Luo Council of Elders Ker Willis Otondi, the great warrior and magician settled at Got Ramogi (Ramogi Hill), from where his descendants spread across the remaining parts of Nyanza.

"The name Ramogi is not only equated to the hill as a physical feature, but it is also the name of our founding father Ramogi Ajwang who was a warrior with magical powers to boot. He settled on the hill when he came from Uganda, hence the name Got-Ramogi (Ramogi’s Hill),” he is quoted by the Standard.

Consequently, some Luos have since adopted the name to prevent it from going extinct and to liken their influence and power to the founder of Luo Nyanza.

These include founding Vice-President Jaramogi Oginga Odinga whose real name was Obadia Adonijah.