The slaughter of Ivy Wangeci, a sixth-year medicine student at Moi University is the stuff of horror movies. 

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A man allegedly drives all the way from Thika to Eldoret town armed with an axe with one intention; to kill.

Gory images of Ivy lying in a pool of blood have been shared widely on social media. Given the horrific nature of the student's death, one would have expected to see unanimous condemnation. That has not been the case. 

The killing has instead brought to the surface the divisions between women and men or is it feminists and anti-feminists? 

Memes calculated to justify the circumstances in which she died have flooded social media. 

Some Whatsapp users have been using Deputy President William Ruto's footage of a speech he made about ODM axing rebels to justify the killing.  The words have been completely taken out of context.

Unverified conspiracy theories have also proliferated social media spaces. 

There's the theory that the girl infected the guy with the HIV virus and the guy was on a revenge mission. There's another theory that the guy was dumped and he couldn't take it. 

Investigations have not yet established the authenticity of those theories. 

In ideal situations, this killing would have brought all Kenyans together to demand justice for Ivy. 

That there's a war of words playing out on social media over what happened to her speaks volumes about how low we are sinking as a society. 

Scores are framing it as a feminist issue as opposed to a moral issue.