It’s a shame to see that Counties are not investing in firefighting equipment’s and facilities Kisii County being one of them.

This is proven by the way fire outbreak at Uhuru Plaza building in Kisii Town was handled. No firefighter showed up to put out the fire despite the victims calling them severally.

According to the victims they had to struggle by themselves to put out the fire which was too late since the property was consumed by the burning flames.

If the County Government could have well-equipped facilities for firefighting the Uhuru Plaza fire could have been managed before escalating further and destroying properties of unknown value. These victims have to start again from scratch to build their business up and running.

“Kisii County is a big region and has the biggest Town in Gusii, it should have a state of the earth firefighting facility so as to prevent business people from suffering losses. We are the one driving the Kisii County economy we must be protected,” cries from one of the victims who asked to remain anonymous.

According to another victim he pays Sh 7000 for a single business permit and out of that Sh 2500 is deducted to carter for fire and rescue accidents. This sounds absurd since there is not even a single Kisii county operational firefighting facility built.

Kisii County Government you need to build firefighting facilities well equipped so as to protect the residence from losing their properties and even lives from manageable fire outbreaks.