It is hard to tag a man as a ‘real man’, but there are some qualities which will surely help you zero in on the man you might want in your life.

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Here are five things that men should do to be defined as real men:

1. Don't rape or hit women

Real men don't entertain any form of violence.

They don't rape, they don't take advantage of drunk women, and they don't entertain rapists whatsoever.

They also don't threaten, bully or lay their hands on women. 

Instead, real men resolve to better ways of solving conflicts or an argument, which in most cases is having a conversation.

2. Don't cheat

Being a one-woman-man is not only attractive but also a sign of maturity. 

To be a real man, quit having wandering eyes, quit dating your friend's ex or trying to seduce his girlfriend or wife, quit sleeping with your house help or cheating on your wife in any way. 

Real men don't have such sketchy habits. 

3.Pay debts

Real men pay their debts without being reminded. 

It doesn't matter if you loaned from Mshwari, your folks, your friend, your brother or that neighbour next door. 

A debt is a debt, and real men pay on time without constant reminders.

4. Be ambitious

Being ambitious goes way beyond wearing sharp suits and expensive cologne. 

It is more of showing a strong desire and determination to succeed and putting that into action, and that is what real men do. 

Men who couch potato all day every day take notes.

5. Be straightforward

A real man will be honest no matter how painful the truth is.

Avoid wasting a woman's time by playing with her feelings. 

If you don't love her, tell her. Don't beat around the bush and lie to her that you will marry her just to lay her. 

Real men don't have time for such circus; only cowards will hide behind such deceit and lies.