Police in Migori county is looking for a man accused of killing his sister in law for refusing to give him information about his cheating wife.

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Mr Getangata Maroa is said to have waylaid and killed his brother's wife Gati Weisero for allegedly covering up for his unfaithful wife.

The incident happened in Girigiri village, Kuria East constituency on Saturday, while the victim was coming from fetching water from a well.

Those nearby heard screams from that direction but unfortunately got there when the perpetrator had already carried out the heinous act.

According to the police the suspect reportedly took off after committing the murder.

According to relatives, the suspect also demanded that the victim tell her where his wife who is said to have eloped with another man was. 

"The man had accused the woman of knowing the ways of his cheating wife, something she denied. He then threatened to kill her after the wife disappeared," Mwita Chacha, a relative, told the Nation.

Confirming the incident, Kuria East OCPD Ahmed Abdikadir said that the suspect could have crossed the border to neighbouring Tanzania.

He added that his officers have since launched a manhunt for him and are confident of nabbing and subjecting him to the law soon.

"We shall catch up with him and subject him to the law," he said.