A video of a male student being harassed and beaten up by fellow students has gone viral.

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In the video which is said to have been recorded at Technical University of Mombasa campus hostels, the student who was identified as Aloice, is forced to kneel before his fellow students.

The students, at least two in number, started questioning the helpless Aloice about one girl by the name Angel.

When Aloice responded to them by admitting that Angel indeed belonged to Cedric, one of the two students harassing Aloice, they started flogging him mercilessly using a rod.

"Aloice, Angel ni demu ya nani?" Cedric posed before he started beating up the helpless student.

Cedric together with his colleague who was identified as Chiga, beat up Aloice several times, kicked and stepped on his head with their legs.

The fight gets rough and hard on Aloice as he breaks into tears before one who was filming the incident stopped.

Details from student leadership said the university had already taken action by suspending the two suspected students.

"The information have just gotten from the office of the Dean of Students via phone call is that the administration has also taken immediate action and have suspended the two students," read a statement from TUMSA leadership sent to the media via WhatsApp.

Here is the viral video.