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Day Hessy wa Dandora warned suspects in Muktar's attempted assassination

Carson Jnr
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2018 is a year that was characterised by several murder cases and unwarranted shootings allegedly perpetrated by powerful individuals within the county and national governments.

Among such cases is the high profile shooting of former Garissa CEC Idriss Mukhtar in Kilimani area, Nairobi.

The incident sparked public outrage with a serving governor from the North Eastern region being allegedly named in the list of persons of interest. 

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) was ordered to conduct thorough investigations into the shooting incident.

Amid the calls, the faceless cop Hessy wa Dandora emerged from the blue firing warning shots at the suspects in Mukhtar's shooting probe. 

He penned down several messages to the suspected assassins and their sponsors, even delivering a message to the immediate family of one of the key suspects who later committed suicide within the precincts of police cells. 

This act made him a household name in Garissa as locals looked upon him to deliver justice to their son.

However, what puzzles many is the fact that this city's dreaded crime buster is 'faceless' yet has the capability to catch up with criminals in record time. As to how he nabs suspects, Hessy runs a  Facebook page dubbed 'Dandora crime-free'.

This is where he gathers intelligence reports from the citizenry.


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