I must say that Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) chairman, Ezekiel Mutua, is one angry man at the moment after the High Court temporarily lifted the ban on the controversial film, Rafiki on Friday. 

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The film is centred on the lesbian and gay themes - a concept which KFCB termed as unethical and generally 'non-Kenyan'. 

The film board had banned the film and classified it as 'corrupting the Kenyan morals', a notion which angered many Kenyan film lovers including the film's director Wanuri Kahiu.  

On Sunday, the first screening of the film took place at the Prestige Plaza, and the tickets were sold out! 

With a seven day window granted by the court to watch the movie, subsequent screenings will take place in the course of the week.  

Many Kenyans on social media have thanked Wanuri Kahiu for her contribution to the film and equally rebuked Ezekiel Mutua for his previous actions.

However, in response to the criticism surrounding him, Mutua, on his Twitter page tweeted: '' The debate on "RAFIKI" is not about freedom. It's about our essential values. The hullabaloo about artistic freedom is a decoy. The big agenda is to corrupt our culture and moral values, and to kill the institution of family.''