Social media users have come to the rescue of Ruth Rono from Baringo County after her plight was highlighted.

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A social media account, Baringo News,  unveiled her story to the public on Tuesday via Facebook.

According to the story written by Festus Kipchumba, Rono graduated four years ago with a First Class Honours in Bachelor's degree in Economics and Statistics. 

Despite this achievement, she hasn't secured a job to help her siblings and her sick mother. 

"I see over 100 comments and 100 expressions through likes, if the 200 of us, each one contributes Sh100 now, then this girl in an hours time has 20k to start with. Let us not only feel sorry for her, " Moses Cheburiat started calls for an online fundraising.

By Wednesday morning, the girl's M-Pesa could not hold more money and users were forced to demand for a pay bill number to continue supporting her.

The girl said if she secured a job, it would help her support the family.

"If I get a good job I know that I will be in a good position to bring back my sick mother and take her to a good hospital, educate well my siblings, build them a nice home and also transform the society where I come from as a whole," she said.