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Pregnant? Avoid these four household chores

Arangi P. Arangi
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Pregnant women require special care during this period. 

There are some activities pregnant women are not expected to do. 

Besides sticking to a healthy diet, pregnant women should not perform heavy duties that could affect their health as well as that of the unborn child. 

Here are four household chores to avoid during pregnancy:

1. Tasks involving the use of harsh chemicals

Pregnant women should avoid using harsh chemicals such as pesticides. 

The chemicals are not only dangerous to them but also their child. 

Women should stop cleaning their houses with chemicals as soon as they realise they are expectant.

2. Lifting heavy loads

Never lift heavy loads when you are pregnant. 

The heavy loads could lead to back pains. 

You should only handle simple tasks if you do not want to suffer from endless pains because of one reason or another.

3. Cleaning up after pets

Pets are man’s best friend but should be avoided during pregnancy.

Pets such as cats could transmit diseases to the mother. 

Find someone to clean the pets on your behalf if you must do it.

4. Cleaning windows

Cleaning your house windows is not as easy as it seems. 

There is a lot of effort needed to clean the windows. 

Women are advised not to strain during this period. 

Cleaning windows can be strenuous hence should be avoided by all means.#MyLifestyle

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