In the ongoing nurses strike, Kisii County nurses led by their chairman today took the streets of Kisii Town protesting over stalled talks between them and the Kisii County Government.

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Talking to the press, the Chairman of nurses Kisii County, Fred Oigo made it clear that engagements between them and the Governor are at a standstill.

“Other counties have implemented the nurses CBA but for us, our county government has remained adamant," said Oigo.

Linet Mokaya, the vice chair of Kisii County nurses petitioned Governor Ongwae to honor their CBA so that they can get back to their roles as quickly as possible to prevent more suffering of Kisii County residents.

“The County boss should wake up from his deep slumber and save the people,” spoke Linet.

The vice chair stressed that Ongwae should be dedicated to serving the people that elected him to office. She emphasized that they won’t resume to work till their CBA is honored.

According to her, the government won’t be able to actualize Universal Healthcare without nurses. Nurses are pivotal for the realization of Universal Healthcare.

The nurses urged the County Government to follow sooth of the other counties who have already honored the nurses CBA or have had fruitful talks with their nurses.