Bomariba Sub-Location assistant chief Benjamin Ayuma has adopted a technique in his area of jurisdiction which aims at eradicating drug abuse. 

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Ayuma argued that most youths who are on a long December holiday may venture into drug abuse if they are not kept busy hence his decision to come up with the football league. 

"I thought it wise to keep the youths busy in bid to put to an end the use of illicit drugs during this festive season through the launch of sub-location football league to keep youths busy," he said on Wednesday at his office. 

The chief noted that seven teams will take part in the league. 

Football teams to participate in the league are Miranga FC, Igonga FC, Bogitocho FC, Nyamwobo FC, Boisukia FC, Nyabiosi FC and Raganga FC.

"Finals will be played on December 24th 2019 with the winning team taking home Sh10,000," he said. 

Interestingly, the administrator said all players trains together when there are no matches at Igonga Playing Grounds, the same field where the matches are held. 

He expressed confidence that through the village football league during the long holiday, cases of crime and drug abuse will go down. 

The chief hinted that the league will be continuous as it is also helping in nurturing local talents.

Residents donated balls and uniforms to the teams.