A report from Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) reveals that money circulating in the country's capital, Nairobi. is contaminated with deadly germs and disease-causing agents.

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The report says money and mobile phones are believed to potential carriers of diseases, and especially Sh20 coins and Sh50 notes are topping the list of most affected.

The two currencies are the most contaminated due to their wide circulation. 

Sh1 coins and Sh1,000 notes were less contaminated because their circulation in the capital was limited. 

Money and mobile phones from 395 food handlers in 15 different types of outlets in Nairobi County were subjected to scientific tests that came up with the report.

Results indicated that both money and mobiles phones were contaminated by germs that could cause diseases and risk lives of residents.

“Most of the money denominations and phones were contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms,” says Kemri in a new study as quoted by the Standard

The report indicated that some of the food handlers and staff at some of the food outlets possessed no training in food-handling.

Amongst them, less than 40 per cent could remember to wash their hands after visiting washrooms and handling money before they could touch or rather serve foods to their customers.

Considering Nairobi County is currently fighting to control the spread of cholera, the report suggests that general public and food handlers should be "sensitized on the risks involved in handling food after touching money and cellphones."

Some diseases that were linked to the germs found on money and phones included;

1. Heat infections 

2.  Bone infections

3. Toxic shock in human beings

4. Pneumonia

5. Skin infection among others.