There are various tenets of a strong relationship. Women who want to make their partners happy must learn to treat them right all the time. 

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There are simple but romantic things you can do to make a man fall in love with you even more. 

The way you handle yourself in the presence of a man will make or break your love. 

Romantic women know what their men want from them. Here are 3 things romantic women do with their men: 

1. Shower with their men

There is nothing great like taking a shower with your man. It helps you feel closer to your man. While showering with him in the bathroom, there are romantic things you will share with him. 

2. Take breakfast with their men

Romantic women want to spend most of their time with the men in their lives. A woman who is romantic will ensure that she prepares and takes breakfast with her partner. Taking meals together with your lover strengths your relationship in different ways.

3.  Exercise with their men

One of the best activities to undertake as lovers is working out. You can create time to exercise before leaving for work.  You can take a walk or run for a short distance with your partner before you go to your work stations.