After a year away, exiled opposition activist Miguna Miguna is expected back in the country this April if his latest tweets are anything to go by.

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Though a national figure, here are the things he might have to do in his Kisumu home county immediately after returning.

1. Apologize to Raila

Miguna has made a name for himself as a bullish and brave politician who can go to any extent to make his point, occasionally colliding with opposition leader Raila Odinga.

He has severally been seen making insulting remarks against Raila on his tweets, either regarding his politicking or his alliance with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Considering that he hails from Nyando in Kisumu county, a region dominated by Raila's supporters, he might consider it safe to avoid to the people he might have offended.

Otherwise, he might end up in rows with area leaders and face frustrations and hostility when he heads back to the village.

2. Run for a seat

Miguna unsuccessfully vied for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat in the 2017 polls, a bid that was apparently too abrupt, and hasty.

This is considering that he has never held any elective seat before.

But considering that he has since demonstrated his bravery and ability to serve the nation, especially as a leader of the opposition, he should consider vying for a seat in Kisumu.

As a native of the region, he is better placed to win as compared to Nairobi where doesn't enjoy enough acceptance and should also begin from there before making bigger steps.

This way, he will also manage to portray himself as an accepted leader and not just a noise maker politicians.

3. Initiate development projects

He should source for funds and initiate development projects for his people to avoid being branded a useless man by his critics and detractors.

Also, having repeatedly termed himself a revolutionist, he must make a move seen to go opposite going against Raila whom he has been accusing of doing nothing to better Nyanza.

Otherwise, he will have no moral authority to condemn Raila as he too would have done nothing worth noting.