Push-ups are among the easiest form of exercise that can be performed at home. Push-ups do not require any equipment. They are important in enhancing fitness as well belly fat. It is not a must to hire a trainer before you can perform perfect push-ups. The Internet is full of guides on how to perform different workouts from the comfort of your home. However, if push-ups are not done appropriately, they might lead to injuries. Here are some of the injuries associated with push-ups. 

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Overstretch. The oversretch is a key form of pushups that stretches your body. It increases the body’s motion range. However, if one is used to this increased range of motion, the chest and shoulders might be overstretched. Your body will now be at the risk of suffering from tears in the chest muscles.

Shoulder Injury. It involves rotation of push up handles. This type of push up increases the instability of the exercise as well as increasing your risk of injury. The four rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder are responsible for stabilizing the shoulder joint and they are susceptible to injuries. If not done properly, they might result in injury to the shoulder joint.

Back injury. Many people with back pain can link them to doing push-ups. The pain occurs when you put stress on the low back.  It important to engage abdominal muscles during push-ups and abs play an important role. Activating your stomach muscles will transfer the work away from the low back. Performing push-ups on the Perfect Pushup is more challenging due to the instability of the handles. Holding this position is more.