Let's face it, gossiping co-workers is one bad habit on its own and can negatively affect one's productivity at the office.  Traditionally, gossiping was termed as a 'woman's thing' but recently,  even men have jumped into that caravan too. 

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So, just how can employees handle rumours at the workplace so that they don't affect their work output?

1. Identify the cause of the gossip

Knowing what people could be talking about behind your back could really help you end the rumours. For instance, you could have started an intimate relationship with a fellow coworker, something that is likely to top the conversations in the office. 

2. Privately beseech the gossiper

Once you've identified the source of the gossip, kindly request them to seize the act, because it's affecting your working relationship. You could approach the rumour monger during lunch break or after work and explain to them how such rumours are hurting you.

3. Pay no attention 

Another way to avoid gossip is to simply let it slide. Most of the time rumours are baseless and with time, they will slowly fade away. If fellow employees are talking about you and you know the issue is not true, pay no attention to them

4. Draw a line between office and private life

Many a time we share personal information with co-workers and that's what, sometimes, leads to gossip. Therefore, it's crucial that you avoid mixing personal life and office life. Let what happens at home stay at home. Don't bring that 'dirt' at work.