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Top 5 indicators you have been brainwashed by the Western culture

Brian Eliani
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In Kenya,  many people especially the youths are turning to western culture a lot ignoring the traditional African culture. 

The idea as perceived by most people is that by doing more of what the western part of the world does makes one more "civilised". 

Incorporating western culture isn't a bad idea. However, too much of it becomes brainwashing.

Here are five signs you have been brainwashed:

1. You no longer eat traditional food

Generally, traditional foods are more healthy as they are mostly natural. 

However, some young Kenyans have been brainwashed to an extent they now only eat foods like pizzas, burgers etc., and all of a sudden they are "allergic" to traditional foods like cowpeas and amaranth.

2. Knowing more about western countries and little about Kenya

This is where one can confidently name the states found in America or countries in Europe including their leaders, while they don't even know their location or the names of their local leaders at the county level in Kenya. 

3. Mothertongue influence on others surprises you

When a white person speaks a local language like Swahili with his or her strong accent influence,  you find that very amusing and good. 

On the other hand,  when you see a fellow Kenyan speaking English with strong mother tongue influence,  you laugh at them and consider them lout or old fashioned. 

4. You don't appreciate Kenyan artistry

Local music,  video, films, dance, designs and other Kenyan cultures are crap to you. 

You have a prejudice in your mind that local art is of poor quality. 

What's funny is that if the same designs are sold in a western shop,  they miraculously become good quality to you. 

5. You have a strong obsession to leave Kenya

You feel Kenya is a very 'poor country' for a person of your "class". 

You feel nothing here is worth living for. 

This kind of people feels racism is much "cooler" to them than tribalism. 

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-Brian Eliani

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