After a section of calls urging her to lighten her skin, Kibera's most followed female artiste Akothee has come out fires blazing. 

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An angry Akothee said that she is comfortable and feels complete with her God-given features.

“Show me one surgeon who has ever fixed height, that’s when you know you can’t dictate God’s way of building. Long legs for days hapa nimewachapa 10Nill. Hii hawes make God given before you tell me to bleach my skin. Get your legs to my height,” she purred. 

The musician added that she does not care what opinion people hold of her.

“Love me or leave me alone, go bleach the people around you, the ones you have direct contact with, coz I annoy you and maybe you will never shake my hands you annoy yourself for no reason, bleach your entire village they will come to your funeral,” she said.