In the recently held elections, Deputy President William Ruto and President Uhuru Kenyatta were viewed as true friends who would always be by each other's side on any political event.

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They had been branded 'UhuRuto' when they were vying to get for a second term in office, of which the talk of those days was that after winning, the DP was to be the next flag bearer of Jubilee party come 2022.

However, the DP might not be the automatic presidential candidate for the ruling party if recent statements by former vice chair David Murathe are anything to go by.

Murathe's statements have brought a heated debate among Kenyans as a majority of them believed Uhuru and Ruto had made a deal on the succession of the presidency. 

Uhuru who after the 'handshake' seems to be less concerned about DP Ruto's ambitions has made Kenyans conclude that he has started to betray his deputy in favour of ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Here are some facts as to why DP Ruto no longer needs president Uhuru's support to be the state's next president;


Many supporters from the North Rift and Central Kenya still hold the belief that the only capable and famous leader fit for presidency come 2022 is Ruto. Votes from the two regions amounts to approximately a quarter of total voters, moreover, many politicians from different parts of Kenya who strongly support the 'hustler' have been on fore-front setting a way for Ruto to be the president.

Ruto's planning

The man from Sugoi who has been in the forefront in launching projects and helping in fundraisers has exposed his ability all over the country of being a determined leader who people need in order to get services at hand. This has built trust in people.