The fact that the number of women bleaching their skin to attain a light complexion is increasing is undeniable.

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Whether these women are not aware of the dangers they are exposing themselves to, or it is just that they are assuming them, it is hard to understand.

Well, the truth is that skin bleaching has various negative effects on the human body

The following are dangers associated with skin bleaching;

Skin cancer

The melanin pigment that is highly available in dark skin protects against the dangers of UV rays from the sun. Skin lightening removes this ability and increasing the chances of skin cancer. The mercury in skin lightening products also has carcinogenic properties.

Mercury poisoning

This is a form of metal poisoning caused by exposure to mercury. Bleaching creams have mercury as the active ingredient and their use exposes the human body to mercury and as a result, leading to mercury poisoning. This leads to peeling of the skin, muscle weakness, kidney problems among others.

Early ageing

Skin bleaching reduces the concentration of melanin pigment in the skin. Continued use of the bleaching products causes the skin to dry and form wrinkles. Wrinkled skin is an ageing sign. Therefore, bleaching leads to premature ageing.

Internal organs damage

Continued use of the bleaching products results in the damage of internal organs such as brain, kidneys and the liver. Chemicals contained in bleaching products such as mercury pose a lot of health dangers to the user. Actually, mercury exposure leads to the damage of the immune system, liver, brain, and kidney.