102 litres of illicit liquor has been destroyed in Matungulu, Machakos County.

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The brew was nabbed during a crackdown in Nguluni on Tuesday.

Confirming the incident, Matungulu assistant county commissioner James Nyengenye said he conducted the raid with the assistant of area assistant chief.

Nyengenye said 100 of 'Karubu' and two litres of 'Kangara' were found.

"On Tuesday afternoon, we conducted a crackdown on the illicit brew in Nguluni where the trend has been high. We found 102 litres which were poured," Nyengenye said.

He said nobody was arrested during the incident since the brewers managed to escape when they were tipped of the crackdown.

Nyengenye said chiefs and their assistants will intensify the crackdowns to ensure total eradication of illicit brew in the division.

"There are places that were known for notorious brewing of illicit brew but there's nothing now, we will ensure illicit brew ends in Nguluni by fire by force," he said.

He warned the brewers that the long arm of the law will soon catch up with them.

"Find other means of earning livelihoods before you spend quite a good number of years behind bars for brewing illicit brews," Nyengenye warned.

Two weeks ago, a handful of illicit brewers from Ngomeni location came out in the open to announce their exit from the business promising to change for the better.