Names have meanings. 

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Historically, surnames revealed when one was born, the prevailing conditions then and place of origin.

They also unearth one’s physical characteristics, clan affiliation, adoption and parentage. 

You should note that the name you give your child influences his character. 

Surprisingly, the meaning behind the name Duale and characteristics expected from people with this name resembles the character of Majority Leader in the National Assembly Aden Duale. 

The difference between the two names is just an ‘l’.

People with this name are strong personalities who are focused, charismatic, full of energy and ambitious. 

These personalities are on earth to be executives. 

They invest all their effort in anything they love but can be hard to make them believe in ideologies they oppose.

The leadership abilities in them forces them to oppose any attempts to submit to the will of those around them. 

Another thing that distinguishes them from others is the aggressiveness that Duales invest in their ambitions. 

Additionally, they are very organised in whatever they engage in.

When it comes to love, Duale’s fancy enjoying new experience in varied ways whenever a chance arises. 

Unfortunately, they want excess freedom to make their own decisions, which might work against their relationships.