President Uhuru Kenyatta sent a chopper to pick controversial preacher Prophet David Owuor in Nakuru after a rally at Menengai Grounds, the man of God said.

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In a video that has been shared online multiple times, Prophet Owuor is heard telling his follower to let him go because the President has sent him a chopper.

“Let me go, the president of the Republic of Kenya has sent me a helicopter,” the man of God is heard saying.

The claim has stirred debates online over its truthfulness. Our efforst to reach Kanze Dena, State House Spokesperson to verify the claim, were futile.

The Prophet’s claim came after Kenyans raised concerns over his police motorcade where he was accused of ‘moving around with a whole police station’.

Some bloggers have accused the Prophet of ‘brainwashing his followers to believe Uhuru worships him’.

However, a member of his church who worships at the Ministry of Holiness and Repentance, Heshima Altar warned against making ‘reckless utterances against the Mighty Prophet’.

“I want to humbly ask those people to stop making reckless utterances against the Mighty Prophet. This is not somebody to joke with. Death will come their way over their tongue,” he said.

Here is the video