Keeping a guy fully interested is not an easy task especially when it comes to the type of conversation that you should have with him in order to keep him interested, that matters a lot.

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Men get bored quick and that’s why one should bring up interesting discussions.

In order to do that, here are some best topics to discuss with a guy in order to keep his interest alive;

1. Food

Food is something loved by many men. Topics about food are something that any man will definitely enjoy to have with you.

2. His interest

No man will ever get bored talking about his interest. For him, this will be a great discussion since not all most women who happen to be interested in knowing men’s interests.

3. Commonalities between the two of you

Try to compare and contrast things between you two and that will make him feel you are important being with him. Guys love spending their time with women that they’ve got a lot of similarities with them.

4. Talk about humorous things

Try to talk about things that will make you both laugh at each other. As a result, you will both be having a great time that will be well spent.

5. Ask him about his goals

There is nothing that cheers a man like having someone who at least shows the interest in knowing his goals in life. This will never make him bored as men love talking about what they have achieved in life.