Pastor James Ng'ang'a of Nairobi's Neno Evangelism Church has taken to social media to warn TV personality Linus Kaikai.

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This is after Kaikai suggested that pastors should have a degree in theology to qualify to preach in Kenya, a suggestion that went viral eliciting many questions and reactions among Kenyans.

However, Bishop Ng'ang'a has warned the media guy to stay away from the word of God, failure to which he will be faced with bitter consequences.

According to Ng'ang'a, one does not need to have a degree to spread the word of God, nor a degree to comprehend the word. 

He says it only needs people listening to the word to believe.

"I am not educated and am the founder of this church, no one needs to go to school to understand the word of God, they only need to believe. I have prayed for learnt people like doctors, nurses.... Shut your (Kaikai) mouth, you have never stepped a foot in my church, how can you say I robbed you, if you do not stop, I can assure you will face the consequences," said Ng'ang'a.

Ng'ang'a has also said preachers have rights and urged Kaikai to face the specific 'man of God' who robbed him and not to generalise them like he did.

He finally said he had asked God to forgive Linus for the sin he had committed but reprimanded him from repeating the mistakes.

Here is the video