Sometimes we act carelessly with our phones not knowing we are destroying them. 

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Despite how much we might think we are taking good care of them, there are some things we do unintentionally that end up destroying them.

Here are three ways you destroy our phone without even realising it;

1. Filling up your storage

It is not advisable to fill up your phone with apps and files to a level that you can add no more. 

A phone needs some space to operate well and fast; therefore, filling up your phone memory means slowing down your processor.

Some phones can crash when memory is fully packed. 

2. Leaving it on 24/7

Just like you never leave your laptop or computer on 24/7, the same should apply to your phone. 

Switching it off whenever you don't use it is advisable as this would give its processor time to cool down. 

If you need your phone to function properly and last longer, you should switch it off sometimes, especially over the night. 

3. Using it when it is overheated

Sometimes when we use our phones for too long, they heat up and tend to slow down. 

When you realise this, it is advisable that you let it cool if at all whatever you are doing can allow you some time. 

Let's take care of our phones and remember not to leave them charging overnight as this could spoil the battery.