Kikuyu Gospel artist ND Githuka is famed for among other hit songs 'Kahii', 'Mawiko' and 'Ahiurania'.

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There is no doubt Githuka is known by almost everyone who understands the Gikuyu language whether believer or non-believer, his popularity especially when it comes to worship songs is unrivaled.

However, many can agree that they only know the artist musically but do know the other side of him and even his challenging journey before he made a breakthrough in music.

As such, let's get to know this man ND Githuka whose worship songs bring serenity to the heart as documented by Kikuyu Musicians blog

1. Githuka's gospel music inspirations while growing up were Julia Lucy, the late Milka Muthoni, thereafter Hezeh Ndungu, Geoffrey Wachira, Joseph Mwaura (Muthini Wa Ngai). Secular music inspirations included Francis Rugwiti and Timona Mburu.

2. He taught Chemistry, Biology and Maths at James Gichuru High School for two years as he waited to gain admission to Kenya Medical Training College to train as a clinical officer which never materialized.

3. Githuka trained as a police officer between 1991 to mid 1992 with his first posting being at Gilgil as Anti-Stock Theft Unit officer. He got born again while still at Gilgil after which he discovered his musical gift.

4. His first album, 'Tua Itua' released in 1995 only sold 700 cassettes.

5. His second album 'Decapoli' released in 1998 sold 3000 cassettes in two years. After this, he gave up on music and went for evangelism.

6. Githuka's breakthrough came in 2005 when he released the 'Kahii' album at a cost of Sh150,000 which was all borrowed from friends and relatives.

7. Inooro FM was the first Kikuyu station to play his hit album where he had taken it. Kameme FM and Coro FM picked it after it 'blasted' the airwaves. Kameme FM, however, gave him the first live radio interview.