Just two days after the purported video of the Imenti House porn scene went viral, comedian Victor Naman has come out with a clip showing how he and socialite Vera Sidika were set to meet at the same place for a moment of fun.

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In the clip, the comedian calls an unseen Vera and reminding her of their precious date. 

"Ulisema ati nikifika imenti house nikupigie simu tutengeneze kafidio ndio tuonyeshe otile vile anafaa akule hii kitu. nimefungua shati ready kukula hii kitu," says the comedian. 

"Naikula sasa. Ati niisupank nikiikula?" he asks further. 

The comedian then goes ahead to complain that he is tired before someone from behind the scenes, probably the cameraman, asks to assist him.

Here is the video.