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How to spot a 'fake Luo'

Curtis Otieno
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A homestead. [Source/Andrew Sule]

Luos have many admirers, with many Kenyans growing increasingly fond of the Luo lifestyle.

However, since birth is irreversible and we cannot force ourselves where we do not belong, some admirers have resorted to faking being Luos.

This also happens for evil reasons, one being to fit in a place designated for Luos or to get favours specifically meant for Luos.

Here is how to spot a person purporting to be a Luo

1. No accent

Most Luos have an accent, but it is at times absent among most people raised and living in urban centers away from Nyanza.

But even so, the accent comes automatically in all Luos when they speak Luo, making their speech uniform and unique.

To outsiders who are tying to fit among the Luos, the accent that comes out is that of their separate mother tongue, betraying them though they have mastered the language.

2. Are shallow

These people will find it hard pronouncing sophisticated words and simple Luo tongue twisters like 'rao luor liel, lier luor rao'.

A person trying to impersonate Luos will have it hard pronouncing such words no matter how much they might have been coached.

Rare words like 'liudu' (rainbow) will also not appear in their vocabulary and will instead appear puzzled if taken in that direction.

3. Are only Luo when with Luos

This is common among people who are basically fond of being associated with Luos and are, therefore, trying to look like one.

A person pretending or masquerading as a Luo will on most occasions only do the same when in the company of friends or Luo colleagues.

This way, they are assured of safety and correction when they act wrong, and can be salvaged before blowing the cover.

When alone, they will stick to Swahili and English.

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