Professor Henry Embewa, a national stress management trainer, has said that there's a need for secondary school pupils to undergo the training since a lot of students suffer from stress yet they have no one to talk to.

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Addressing journalists at Kathiani Boys High School on Friday, Embewa noted that high school students undergo various challenges during their four years in school which if not well managed, can take a toll on their lives.

"High school kids also get stressed due to issues such as the transition from primary school to secondary, the vast subjects, how to deal with those molesting them and many more," said Embewa.

"Others get robbed in school and their parents don't understand them and instead react harshly by calling them careless. Also, handling failure isn't easy. These students need to be constantly reminded that they can move from a C to a B or a D to a C. Let's not label our kids using the grades they get," he added. 

Embewe said the students need to be encouraged to come out and share their challenges, noting that if they suffer in silence the repercussions will be huge.

He further advised parents to guide their children on the different careers that may benefit them in the future. 

"When a student chooses four careers by the time they are done with high school they will have one or two to settle on," he said.