The High court on Tuesday morning granted the prosecution time for mental assessment done on the lead suspect, Jackie Maribe, and to be completed by Monday next week. 

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Following that hearing and direction, we take a look at the major signs of mental illness one should look out for when examining a victim, according to Mental Health America.

1. Social withdrawal

Here, the person becomes completely separated from friends and family members. 

Social withdrawal could include lack of participation in the normal daily activities of the family and the need to hide away.

2. Prolonged depression

The victim is always gloomy and shows no sign of happiness. 

Such a person is easily irritated with any little act propagated by a peer. 

This, however, should not be confused with persons who have anger management issues. 

3. Feelings of extreme highs and lows

The feelings of the best moments, which generally represent good moods, and those of worst moments - bad or sad situations, are manifested by the degree of balance between the two mentioned periods. 

At one point, the individual may appear happy and friendly, and in the next moment, he/she quickly changes the mood.

4. Changes in eating/sleeping habits

Mental disorder as a condition could also be displayed with the way an individual tends to eat. 

This disorder turns the victim into a food junky, or one ends up either sleeping a lot or less.  

5. Suicidal thoughts

Quick to reckon and prompt to action, the final and the most dangerous thought of ending one's own life due to the feeling of being rejected by the larger society sets in. 

Should one experience any of the cited signs above, quickly seek medical assistance.