The jury is not yet out on whether the late Issah Mmari Wangui, popularly known by his stage name E-sir is the best artistic brain to have ever come out of Kenyan hoods.

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As some remember the late as a great musician, some people think that there was nothing genius about the genre of music that he composed.

Despite storming the music industry with great hits, critics say his music was just some piece of shit only good to the ear.

For example, one of E-sir’s greatest hits was Boomba Train.

But the lyrics have nothing to shape the future of the youth but calling them for party and booze.As we remember E-sir, who died on March 16, 2003 along the Nakuru-Nairobi highway, we can evaluate how the entertainment scene in Nakuru has changed.

Before the tragic crash, E-sir and the squad of Nameless had performed at Nakuru’s Club Dimples.Club Dimples was by then a posh partying hole for Nax Vegans.

Together with Coco Savannah, Dimples was the place where all the loaded Vegans spent their Sunday afternoon with hot chics.

Booze was flowing and money from the Ngashura ‘goldmines’ oiled the partying. This is what attracted Esir and Nameless to come perform at the partying joint.

Ngashura ‘goldmines’ was a term to describe quarrying that was happening in the expansive Engashura farms.

Owners of Engashura farms had sub-let pieces of their farms to contractors to do quarrying.

The thousands of money received are what their children used to party in Nakuru.

That is how Club Dimples and Coco Savannah became so popular with moneyed dudes and skimpily dressed petite girls.

Interestingly, 17 years since the death of E-sir, Club Dimples is still popular.

It was the last club in Nakuru the energetic duo of Nameless and E-sir performed at.