Political analyst Herman Manyora now says that Deputy President William Ruto will easily beat former Premier Raila Odinga should they face off in the looming referendum campaigns.

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Raila leads the pro-referendum team which is seeking among others, to expand the Executive and a return to the parliamentary governance system.

The DP, on the other hand, has since rubbished the bid as a scheme to benefit a few politicians by allocating more seats to them at the expense of the taxpayer.

Speaking on Saturday, Manyora observed that Raila would be defeated due to his two weaknesses; the disorganisation in his block and his inability to produce a win.

"You are not only disorganised when it comes to converting the dribbling into a goal, but you are also poor at structuring. Raila Odinga, you don't like working with structures," he said.

"If you are going to work with euphoria minus structure and you are going against William Samoei Ruto, he will beat you," added Manyora.

The commentator who was speaking on his weekly YouTube analysis channel added that Ruto also appeals to more Kenyans through his generosity, which he can easily convert to support, resulting in a win.

On the other hand, he noted, Raila and his team lack the quality.

"He is also likely to beat you because he is generous. You are not generous. You have resources, I know, but I also know that your team is poor at utilising these resources," he added.

Raila is among the leaders who have been questioning Ruto's involvement in charitable initiatives, where he gives millions in fundraisers.