A vocal woman legislator from one of the drought-stricken counties on Monday led hundreds of teachers and students from various schools to pray for rain.

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Garissa Woman representative Anab Subow Gure rallied teachers and teachers from Garissa county to a prayer session held at Bura primary school grounds at the outskirts of Bura town.

Taking to her social media platform, Gure revealed that time had come for residents to invoke for rains from Allah even as drought soars to alarming levels.

"...joined hundreds of students and teachers from various Islamic institutions in Bura primary grounds, Bura town to invoke for rains from Allah," Gure wrote on her Facebook wall.

The vocal legislator further called on locals to remain steadfast in adhering to Island teachings in order to get blessings from Almighty God.

" I urge people to be steadfast and strongly adhere to the teaching of Islam so that we get blessings and sustenance from the Almighty God. Indeed, it is at times of hardships and difficulty that we ought to go back to the Almighty and not to politick," she wrote further.

The prayer session comes even as other Garissa politicians call on the national government to declare the ongoing drought situation as a disaster.