Are you terrified that you are in a relationship that is showing signs of death?

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Well, maintaining a relationship in Nairobi is a tough thing considering the cost of living and the daily hustle one has to go through. You are not even mentioning the traffic jams and side hustles that eat away all your socialisation hours. 

According to love and relationship experts, one has to employ the following tactics to save the relationship from falling over the cliff:

1. Take a break but don't say goodbye 

Sometimes your fights and frustrations could be because you are too close to each other. You don't know what missing the other person is. To have a feel of how terrible that is, try to stay away from your partner. This will not only ignite missing moments in you but also in your partner so that you eventually appreciate each other. 

2. Talk about it and be honest to each other 

Talk to your partner about what you feel about the relationship. Say your frustrations and let your partner also do the same in an honest manner. 

3. Remember why you love them

Always go back to the reason you love your partner. Is it because your partner saved you at a very critical moment? Would you therefore not stand by the same partner at a time things don't seem to be working with them? Or are you the kind of person who runs away from good people when calamity strikes them?

4. Take the good parts and learn from the bad

Yes, you have had quarrels and fights. That is normal. But instead of focussing on the bad things, don't you think there are good things too? Take these good things and focus on them!

5. Don't let anger do the talking

Anger always clouds our judgment. If you know you are angry, do not make any judgment. Wait till things cool down and then think matters over. If it is talking to your partner, wait till the tempest has subsided. 

6. Stop hurting each other more

There are some relationships where the partners just resort to hurting each other in a superiority or revenge battle. That won't help a thing. Stop hurting each other and just keep calm if you cannot make each other happy.

7. Consider spending time apart

Yeah. Take a break and visit your sister who lives outside Nairobi. You can take a work leave and go to the countryside for a week or two. This will surely help cool off emotions.