Whatsapp group brings people who share common goals, beliefs and objectives together where participants can interact freely without any limitations. 

However, there are common WhatsApp groups that you and me we are members by default no matter how hard we tend to leave or mute them.

1. Family WhatsApp Groups

This is one of the uncomfortable and most hated group in WhatsApp. This is a platform where your aunties, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters tend to show off their progress in life. 

Family WhatsApp groups become a platform where nobody can speak out due to age differences and remain dormant until a family issue, like death, occurs.

At times, these groups create hatred compared to its intent of promoting unity and love among family members.

Unfortunately one finds it hard to leave for the move will attract heated debate and even create factions between the family.

2. Unpredictable group

When you joined this group, its objectives were: Bible study, prayers, inspiration, praise and prayers. Suddenly it turns out to be a dating site, football analysis forum, with numerous buy KPLC token advertisements. 

The purpose of the group is killed and other agendas arise including raising money for funeral services. These are the groups whose icons and subjects are changed every day by anyone depending on mood.

3. Idlers group

This is the most active group evet made by Kenyans. Go offline for five minutes and when you get back online, you will get 3769 unread messages yet the group has 31 members. The speed those messages were written within a five-minute span beats logic. 

4. Dead WhatsApp group

With whooping 299 members, a month can pass without a single message till one of the members sends a link from an unknown source saying "click this link to get unlimited 50GB free bundles". 

However, the reason why we are still members of this dormant groups remains unknown.

Do you have any other unmentioned useless groups?