Gospel singer Willy Paul was forced to come out and clear the air after allegations against him of joining Illuminati intensified

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On Saturday, the 'Bora Uhai' hit-maker took to Instagram to explain why he had remained silent despite being accused of joining the dark side. 

In a long emotional post, Willy Paul expressed the pain he was going through and also made it clear that he had nothing to do with the deaths of his dancers.

A screenshot of Wily Paul's Instagram post. [Source/Brian Sikulu] 

The late Val Aura Werunga and Joan Charles both of whom were Willy Paul's dancers died in different road accidents almost consecutively.

Brian Ochieng, a rapper from Moi University believes it was wrong for people to judge Willy Paul yet they did not know what he was going through.

"I personally know the pain of losing someone who is close to you that is why I understand Willy Paul. People should stop accusing him of joining Illuminati yet they don't have any proof of his involvement with devil worshipping," Ochieng commented. 

For Faith Chemutai a third-year student, people should not judge Willy Paul because he sings secular songs yet he is a gospel artist.

"The fact that Willy Paul sings love songs and not gospel is not a guarantee that he has joined Illuminati. The deaths of Val and Joan were just a misfortune. It can happen to anyone," Chemutai stated.

According to Veronica Waithera, people are only accusing Willy Paul of devil-worshipping because he is a celebrity.

"If it were just a random person who had lost 2 relatives, Kenyans would actually be mourning with them. But since Willy Paul is a successful public figure, he is now being accused of Illuminati. I mean Willy Paul was already successful even before the two passed away," Waithera noted.

Willy Paul who is currently mourning the loss of his dancers said he has been forced to remain indoors because of the allegations.

[Source/Brian Sikulu] 

The singer has been a subject of controversy for the songs that he produces with many claiming he is no longer a gospel artist.