Identifying a Kamba woman might be easy to some while to some it is hard.

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Kamba women are sometimes hard to identify due to their unique traits.

They have traits which only those who are used to them can be able to identify.

Here are some of the things that define a true Kamba woman:

1. Beauty

Women of different tribes are beautiful, but when it comes to Kamba women, they are exceptional.

Most of the Kamba women are super-hot when it comes to defining their looks.

These women have been blessed with not only looks but also the shape of their body.

Having both of this combined, they end up being more attractive than other women.

2. Family oriented

When in need of a woman who is family oriented, then marry a Kamba woman. She is the best choice.

Most Kamba women are family oriented.This is something that grows with them and becomes part of them. 

3. Unique accent

When having a face to face chat with a Kamba woman, the accent will spill it all.

Most Kamba women have this unique accent that is different from other women.

This way, you can be able to know that she is from Kamba land.