Getting a woman you have a crush on isn't the hardest thing in the game, getting her to stay with you is the real pickle. 

A few cheesy and corny pickup lines may have worked for some men, but it takes more than that to keep a woman.

 It needs real substance and wisdom to navigate the rough path which is the relationship.

Men, the following few tips will help you avoid some common mistakes so that we can stay ahead of the game and rig the game to our favour:

1. Don't be spineless 

Women like men who can take control of situations and mark their scent all around the place to announce their presence. 

A firm hand on the tiller drives them crazy over you, so hold on.

2. Jealousy

She will respect the fact that you are secure enough with your abilities to steer a relationship without fearing threats from other males. 

If you can leave her in a room with 100 male models who are shirtless and not worry she might cheat on you, you've hit the relationship nirvana.

3. You nag

Some men like nagging their women to crazy points. People, that's so old school.

Ideally, that should be her role with the hormones and all, but you outdoing her is really dropping off points on your side.

4. You are broke

As much as she is in love with you, realistically love will never bring food to your table or buy her that designer dress she's been eyeing every day on her way from work. 

If you don't step up and rise to the occasion when called upon, some other guy with an adequate wallet might.

5. Perversion

Don't give her reasons to doubt your morality. 

Weird and interesting browsing histories or strange timelines on Facebook and Twitter can raise red flags in her mind. 

Steer clear of such dubious tactics.

I hope these tips will help you keep her for another month or two, Adios!